“It is inside us that landscapes have landscapes”

Fernando Pessoa

Book of disquiet


Regardless of the fact that reflecting and deciding on the use of certain tools was something fundamental for us, the core of our initial approaches to our subject —the city we inhabit— had to do with our intention of placing its representation into poetry. This was not just about an aesthetic decision, rather about a resource that could make it possible to also have space for the sparkle, the peacefulness and the concurrence inside the dimness, unrest and violence of the present time. In Caracas, our first landscape is a visual, emotional and intellectual record assembled along spaces that are essential to us, spaces that shape us, and that we needed to reconstruct. In many situations, it is inside us that such city is a city. We attend its landscape quietly, and far from any predatory, devouring visual intention. On the contrary, we go there speechless, seeking the delay, forcing time and briefness, facing a landscape that always shows itself unreservedly.