VI (SHOTS Magazine)

A selection of our work Caracas: truth and fiction, has been published in SHOTS magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to black and white photography, which in a world that has become a digital experience, it is not an on-line publication.

The edition corresponds to number 155 (Portfolio / Collaborations) published by Douglas Beasley and edited by Elizabeth Flinsch.

The publication brings together 17 projects by different authors: Al Brydon (Sheffield, Reino Unido), Karoline Schneider & Ella Moe (Berlín, Alemania), Bastien Anguiano & Alice Marie Brigitte (Mazilly, Francia) y J.M. Golding (Walnut Creek, California) among others.

Caracas: verdad y ficción | DuplaOnce | Mariana Mendoza / Laura Morales Balza
Shots Magazine. Issue Nº 155 : Spring 2022 : Portfolio Collaborations, pp.40-43
ISSN 1048-793X; Publicación Nº 004-754. Printed in the USA.

To request copies:
2370 Hendon Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108-1453